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Still moving forward on Fornightcap collection

It’s still several months early, but I still also need to find little projects to squeeze into the gaps between two bigger affairs.  So my next step towards putting together a Fortnightcap collection has been to bring together all my entries for 5 Minute Fiction and Humpday Challenge into the same Scrivener file.  This isn’t to say I’m going to include all of them.  Oh no no no.  I may not even include most of them.  But I’m going to at least look at the finalists and winners I’ve had in each contest and determine whether they have a place in the collection, pending an okay from the organizers of the contests.

What’s more likely to happen is that I’ll use some of them as launching off points.  Especially in the case of 5 Minute, I’ve had a few stories that I really liked the concepts that I came up with on the fly but that feel like…well, stories that were conceived, plotted, and written all in a five minute window.  I’ve already given one such story, That was the Problem, a second life as a Fortnightcap, and there are a few others that I reread while assembling and felt could be stronger, and longer, stories.  This is all moving towards trying to provide some content other than content I’ve already made available for free online.

At the very least, it’s fun to revisit some stories that I really had just left behind.  Though in some cases that was well deserved.

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Project Limbo

I find myself in a place I’ve not been for awhile: complete project limbo.  I’ve got stories out to anthologies, another out to my writers group, but I don’t really want to get back to Capsule until I’ve got all five straightened up so I can single focus.  I’m not sure how much that’s a problem, feeling some sort of need to single focus while working on my novel.  I’ll probably find out the first time I get a rejection letter after getting back to Capsule and need to figure out where that short story will go next.

I’m filling the time by taking the first few steps towards the Fortnightcap collection I talked about on Friday.  I’m pulling the stories together and putting them into a single Scrivener file to give me a centralized location for polishing and editing.  Might even do some cleaning on one or two this week if the evenings give me no other obvious writing activities.   It’s odd seeing them all together in one place, especially when looking at the word count and realizing that they come to a total of just over 6000 words.  That’s not so odd since they’re all firmly in the flash fiction range, but it does have me wanting to bulk some of them up, especially so more of what I take to calling the “tone pieces” like They Came.

I went into the Fortnightcap project thinking of the stories as “disposable” bits of fiction, which really was a horrible thing to call them.  It’ll be fun giving them some more life, and approaching the second half of the 2011 Fortnightcaps with that slight bit more determination in mind.  Still would love to know what people might want out of the Fortnightcap collection, currently all the ideas are purely my own.

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