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Flashathon Hour 12 Prompt: From Day Al-Mohamed

We’re here at the end, so if you’ll indulge me a few moments, I’d like to explain just how the hell this came about.  Flashathon was an idea with many parents.  It was inspired by the weekly flash fiction contests run at several sites online.  It was also inspired by those who do blogathons, especially the 24 hour, 48 post Blogathon done annually on Blag Hag.  And there was just a little bit of the 8 in 8 project undertaken by Neil Gaiman and his collaborators.

One day I made an idle tweet wondering if anyone would think about doing a flash fiction marathon.  It probably would have ended there except that Day Al-Mohamed, who runs my blog-away-from-blog Unleaded.  She took the idea and started running with it.  Got me to run with it.  And here we are, a few months later, crossing the finish line that felt so impossibly far off when we first had the idea.

So since I started it off, I’ve decided to let her close it.  So this hour of the Flashathon will be inspired by her and her upcoming anthology Trust & Treachery.  Trust & Treachery is all about power struggles, politics, and posturing.   In fact, all group interactions, whether they are governmental, corporate, professional, academic, religious, or social are influenced by power dynamics. The origin of the state is found in the art of interpersonal conflict – love, hate, passion, greed, fear…  As such, we wanted to find a prompt that really got to the heart of the meaning behind the words “Trust” and “Treachery” and find something that encompassed all the emotion and conflict behind them –

So join us as we cross the finish line, hopefully together.  Tomorrow we’ll sleep in, deal with flashathon hangover, then work out who earned which levels of participation badges.  Be patient with us.  We’ll be very very tired.

And before you forget, Trust & Treachery is still looking for genre fiction submissions between 1000- 5000 words in length and will pay $20 per story for those accepted.  The deadline is December 15th, 2011.  You can check out our website at for more details. Who knows, perhaps your Flashathon fiction may be just the piece for us!



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