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Capsule Tech: Word Lens

Has anyone not seen the Word Lens video yet?  Just in case, this is some awesome stuff:

There’s a new group of apps coming out that aren’t so much augmented reality as replaced reality.  The first that I showed over on Unleaded was a diminished reality app.  This one is a replaced reality app.  Both I find absolutely fascinating in their potential implications, especially as this technology improves.  In both the demo of that DR app, and in a more in-depth review of the Word Lens app, there are clear visual errors.  But expecting perfection out of first proof of concept apps like this is a fool’s game.

What they both represent, however, are potential steps towards a future where one can’t be as certain about what one sees.  Augmented Reality tends to stand out, it’s elements that are clearly not actually there.  These apps, however, look to interrupt reality, change it, then feed it out in a new format.  Right now the obvious line in the sand for telling it’s not real is the requirement to hold up a smart phone and only seeing the altered reality on its screen.

It’ll be interesting to see where this technology can move to.  I suspect the ability to put augmented or altered reality into a pair of glasses, or at least goggles, is only a decade or two off.  And at that point, the line will start to blur as to where reality begins and ends.

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