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Exciting News!

Checking my Twitter feed after work on Wednesday I landed on some news.  Wasn’t the way I expected to find out, but I’m excited to say that the Steam Works anthology is now available on Amazon for purchase.  This marks my print debut, and I share the pages with Mae Empson, Sevan Taylor, Tim Ford, Patricia Puckett, Helen Branch, J. M. Mendur, AD Spencer, and R. M. Anton (man, I should turn those all into links).  My story in the anthology is The Rustler, a short I’ve had bouncing around in various formats for a few years and I was thrilled to find a home for.  It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been talking about this anthology since my sale last January, but publishing is often a slow process.

Check it out for just $11.99 from Amazon.

As long as I’m spreading news and turning this into an addendum to my State of the Writer, I’ve also received news that my other upcoming publication, Memory Eaters, is nearing the end of the layout process.  It’s still looking for the right publisher, but the editor has been very optimistic about its chances, and with layout nearing completion, I’m hoping that’s one less step between being picked up by a publisher and ending up in your greedy hands.  So keep watching this space, and I’ll give what updates I can, when I can.

Edit: Oh, and, um, you may notice on Amazon that I’m credited as DL Thurstan instead of DL Thurston.  That’s my own damn fault.  Lesson learned: when reviewing proofs, don’t just look at your story, also look at the copyright page to make sure your name is spelled correctly there.  Sigh.  Ignoble start to my career as a published author, but I’ll know to look next time.

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#flashathon Early Details

If you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter account lately you may have seen me mention something called #flashathon, without any other real details.  Right now that’s because there aren’t a lot of details to give, but I’d like to start changing that.

Flashathon is a flash fiction marathon that I will be cohosting with Unleaded.  The goal was to create an event as a lead-in to Nanowrimo to get the creative juices flowing.  I had the idea a few weeks ago when I saw a blogger elsewhere do what she called a blogathon, a twenty-four hour sleep-deprived crazy blogging session that resulted in a new post every thirty minute.  Crazy things like that appeal to me, though our event will be half as long and half again as frequent.

So that’s all philosophical stuff, you want the actual meat and potatoes.  Flashathon will be a 12 hour flash fiction marathon running from noon until midnight eastern time (9am to 9pm pacific) on October 22nd, 2011.  That’s a Saturday.  The event will consist of 12 posts here in Writerly Words, each with a cue for that hour to give people a jumping off point for their creativity.  I’m going to be taking a lot of inspiration from #5MinuteFiction and the #HumpDayChallenge, so sometimes the cue will be one word, sometimes it will be an opening sentence, and sometimes it will be five words to include.

The idea is to create a drop-in-drop-out event.  We realize that we’ve picked a Saturday, and that some of our participants have lives, but we want to make it welcoming for someone who wasn’t able to do, say, 2pm and 3pm to come right back in at 4pm.  There will be badges, and we’re currently working out what the three success levels will be.

Also, in the spirit of Nanowrimo, the rules will be loose.  There will be cues every hour, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them.  There will be posts each hour so that stories can be left in the comments, you don’t have to post them.  As always, since this is a public medium, any story posted may be considered already published by a prospective editor, so if in any particular hour you want to just post that you did write a story and perhaps what it was generally about, or share any of the thought that went into it, you will still be considered a participant in that hour.

This will all be based on the honor system, because I tend to trust writers.  And really, all you’re winning in the end will be a PNG blog badge that we’ll be unveiling at a later date.

So those are the details thus far.  I’ll make more posts as we have major details, and I’ll be maintaining a Flashathon tab at the top of this page to keep details all in one place.  Come join us.  It’s going to be crazy, and we’re hoping to share the insanity!

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