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State of the Writer: October 2015

Damnit, who let it get all dusty in here? And what’s with all the cobwebs? It’s still a little early for Halloween decorations, right?

So it’s been a few months since I’ve sat down on the first and wrote out what I’ve been up to. Which means there’s a lot to cover. First up, I had a short story published in the most recent edition of the Bad-Ass Faeries series, which had a rather exciting launch at Balticon. It’s the first time I’ve been in a room where someone was buying a copy of my fiction, which is an odd experience, and one of those milestones of writing that I’ve never thought of. The anthology has gotten some positive reviews, including at least one that has specifically called out my story. Which is exciting.

The characters and their conflict appear in a world masterfully designed to meet their supernatural needs, and the resolution is a beautiful solution perfectly suited to the lucha libre world in which the story is set.

Aw shucks. It’s my first positive blurb. Which kinda gave me happy chills the first time I read it.

In ongoing projects news, my generation ship novel is now a complete story that has a beginning, an end, and stuff that goes in between. It’s in a rough state, but it’s also in the hands of some beta readers who will tear it down so I can build it back up that much stronger. After that, I’ll probably be looking for some more beta readers. If you’re interested, do nothing for now except remember to watch this space, and follow me on Twitter. When I’m looking for beta readers, I won’t be quiet about it.

Nickajack has been in a holding pattern while I’ve been working on Back Half, but October is as good a time as any to get back into it. There are some chapters that need to be written, some that need to be rewritten, but it’s still a novel I’m enjoy, and still a story that I think works on the page like it did in our heads. My wife and I are in the early stages of our next joint project, which will probably be a Lovecraftian novel that salvages a lot of elements of a spec pilot we wrote years ago.

(WordPress isn’t sure whether I meant “salvage” or “savages” in that sentence…suddenly I’m not sure either.)

I’m also playing around with the idea of an epic fantasy space opera. Which really hasn’t gone too much farther than me wondering if I have the chops to write an epic fantasy space opera. I have a notion about how the magic will work, how the science will work, and where the interaction between them will be. Now all I need is a plot. And characters. And some settings. But, really, aren’t those kinda secondary.

The nose is to the grindstone, believe me.


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