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State of the Writer: January 2014

Welcome to the new year! At this time of year people tend to take stock of what they’ve done, and look ahead to what they would like to do. In 2013 I started a new productivity technique called The Chain. When last I updated, I had that chain up over 80 days. Unfortunately for that particular chain, that’s where it ended. The next day an ice storm brought down our neighbor’s tree, which had us decamped to the in-laws for a few days. Writing at someone else’s house just isn’t something I’m all too comfortable with, so for a few days nothing happened.

But! The Chain has, for the most part, been a massive success. The novel I started with the chain is now just under 60,000 words long with seven chapter left to draft. It has, in fact, been so successfully that I’m leveling up with the new year. Before, a successful day meant writing 500 words, or doing 30 minutes of either editing or outlining. Starting the second, I’ve increased each of those goals by 50%. 750 words, 45 minutes. Additionally, I’m working up a different schedule, at least for the time being. Tuesday through Friday means working on the novel. Weekends are for short stories.

What about Monday? Well, it’s no coincidence that I’m writing this on a Monday. Monday is for sitting down and actually writing some blog entries. At least one, though ideally two or three that I can schedule through the week.

Some other late breaking 2013 news, I landed a short story into an anthology. I’m waiting for the official table of contents to go live to say exactly which one, but I am excited to be in this anthology along with one of my best writing buddies NR Brown. It’s exciting to be sharing page space with another writer I know and respect. Plus, I totally beta read her story and it’s fantastic. That’s all I’m saying for now.

That’s actually the incentive behind designating some short story days. The first short story weekend just passed, and I got back into a story I walked away from awhile ago for reasons I can’t explain, because it’s a plotline I really liked.

So welcome to the New Year. And welcome to a hopefully revitalized Writerly Words.

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