Bezos and the Washington Post

PostMaZonI don’t suppose I’m breaking the news that Jeff Bezos hit the 1-Click ordering button for the Washington Post and this morning woke up wondering just how the hell he spent $250,000,000 last night. This is why I don’t have 1-Click ordering turned on. Plenty of websites are trying to figure out the business implications of this move, and just how hands-on Bezos might be with the editorial page of the paper. However, I’m thrilled to break at least some news that you’ll read first on Writerly Words.

The Washington Post will merge with Kindle Digital Printing.

This move is seen as a big positive for the paper. They can now offer articles from beyond traditional journalists. These new stories won’t have to go through the gatekeepers of editors, type setters, or fact checking, and can be offered directly to the reading public at a price agreed on by the writer then reduced, unannounced, by Amazon.

But that’s only half of the good news. The Washington Post will now join Slaughterhouse-Five as the newest addition to Kindle Worlds. This means that writers can create their own unique fiction set in the exciting world of The Washington Post, creating their own plotlines for well known characters. Who hasn’t wondered what would happen if Woodward and Bernstein turned their investigative eyes away from the Nixon Administration and towards ferreting out the vampire threat trying to infiltrate the House of Representatives? Wanted to read about Ezra Klein’s adventures as a swashbuckling spy? All these story lines and more will be opened up for writers and readers to explore.

I, for one, am excited.

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