Get Read by Harper Voyager!

For anyone who hasn’t seen the news, Harper’s science fiction and fantasy imprint Voyager is doing something they haven’t done in over a decade: open up for unsolicited, unagented manuscripts. There’s a length FAQ up at Harper Voyager’s webpage, and when everything opens up on October 1, this link should get you to the submission site (until then, it’s redirecting to the FAQ).

Sadly, I don’t have anything ready for this open call, a shame as Voyager is one of my dream imprints. They’re also looking primarily for eBook properties, though “[t]here is the possibility that submissions will be published in print as well.” Is that a foolish reason to turn down this open call if the manuscript was more complete? Absolutely. Am I a print romantic? Yes, I am.

Still, this sounds like a fantastic opportunity to put your manuscript into the hands of the Voyager editors, to get read by the science fiction arm of one of the Big Six publishers.

I do note one smart thing Voyager has done here, they are opening this up for the first two weeks of October. What makes the date so essential? It’s about as far as possible from Nanowrimo. I hesitate to think what the difference in submission qualities will be opening up in early October rather than early December. Nanowrimo, I love you, but you know damn well people would be submitting their recently “completed” Nano novels to this open call. Whether this was an intentional move by Voyager or not, I don’t know.

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