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State of the Writer: April 2012

2012 Goal: Query Nickajack.  I’m not going to start with word counts, because that’s not what March accomplished.  What March accomplished was the completion of the outline for Nickajack, which is a massive step forward.  The entire project took on a different tenor at that moment.  It was no longer an amorphous thing, it was now an entire narrative with a known beginning, middle, and end.  The actual writing was a little slower because we were finalizing the outline, and because the beekeeping classes I was taking on Tuesdays (more on Wednesday) provided more disruption to my momentum than I expected.

I offer this by way of explanation, not excuse.  The bulk of my writing happens Monday through Wednesday, and I’m a creature of momentum during that period.  Monday gets me back into things, Tuesday I’m going full bore, Wednesday I’m looking for a stopping point in case I can’t get back to the story until the following Monday.  Thursday evenings are devoted to my writing group, and thus are ironically writing-free.  I’m willing to do that because I feel like I get more out of the group than I would by not being in one and writing on those days.  Friday through Sunday I do what writing I can, but it tends to be more sporadic and dependent on other projects.  Right now, there are a lot of “other projects”.  Losing Tuesday meant losing one of my best writing days of the week, and really slowing down my writing on Monday and Wednesday as I was always ramping up.  I love that I did the classes, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll be glad to get back into my tried-and-true process.

So, where does that leave me?  It leaves me a chapter and a half into the rough draft of the final act.  It also leaves me having said I’m going to finish the rough draft very soon every month this year.  So it’s time for a hard deadline.  April 18th.  That sounds arbitrary, but it gives me three complete Monday through Wednesday cycles, and two weekends, one of which is a four-day weekend for me.  That’s going to require close to Nanowrimo pace on those days that I am writing, but my desire to write that last chapter should be motivation enough.  More on that later this week on Unleaded.

Anthology Updates:  First and foremost, The Memory Eater has launched a Kickstarter campaign.  I don’t want to bury that lede too much, you’ll see a much longer discussion tomorrow.  Okay, much longer blatant pimping.  It’s a 40 day campaign, but come on, if you’re interested in supporting, support early so we can rest easier knowing Kickstarter is going to work.  This last week also saw my copy of Steam Works arrive in the mail, and the news that I’m shortlisted for another anthology.  More news about that if there is, in fact, more news to give.

Looking Ahead to April.  I’m trying to pick out what my downtime project will be.  After the rough draft is finished for Nickajack, we’re building in a cooling down period where we step away before we step back.  If I do finished the rough draft by the 18th, that downtime project will start on the 20th.  Hopefully by then I have a better notion of what to do next.  Ideas include several novels that need outlining, going short story crazy, or even a screenplay outline.  Though probably not the latter.

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