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Flash Fiction Week: Among The Trees

Deep breath, and exhale.  Welcome to day five of my five-day Flash Fiction week.  The last item on Chuck Wendig’s list of settings is a Fairy Tale Forest.  Of course, it’s Friday again, which means he has another challenge up.  Because he’s a sick twisted bastard that way.

No, you needn’t write fiction in which you lie to yourself, but you must write fiction in which the characters lie to one another. The deception is the thing, you see? Every story thrives on conflict same as yeast thrives on sugar and bears thrive on honey (provided it was first stuffed in the chest cavity of a fleeing park ranger). Your task today is to make the core conflict of the story based upon or orbiting around a terrible lie.

Alright.  Fairy Tale Forest.  A lie that drives the story.  Let’s journey Among the Trees.

Day One: First Times
Day Two: Ride the Time Vortex
Day Three: Finding a Way
Day Four: Above it All

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