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Convince Me

I was listening to This American Life, curious about the rare retraction they’ve issued surrounding Mike Daisey’s semi-fictionalized portrayal of a trip he made to Apple manufacturing plants in China.  This is not about that.  This is about a song that played at the very end.  It’s perhaps damning of Mr. Daisey, but the lyrics spoke to me at a different level.  The song is by Val Emmich with harmonies by Allie Moss, and it’s called Convince Me:

It’s not necessarily a song about writing the fantastic.  But it applies.  We are asking our audiences to join us on rides through the wonderful and bizarre, all these things that are so vastly different from life around them.  Whether that’s riding dragons, visiting Mars, pasts that never were, or futures that may not be, one thing stands firm in all of it:  “If you really do believe these ridiculous things / Come on convince me.”

That’s all.

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