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Boycott Me!

Has anyone reading this blog not yet heard of The Write Agenda? Long story short, it’s an apparent astroturf campaign being run against Writer Beware, perhaps the best online resource for young writers looking to avoid scams on their route to publication.  One of their weapons is a list of authors they’re boycotting, largely a Who’s Who of supporters of Writer Beware and the current and past officers of SFWA.

If this is all news to you, there really are two bits of required reading.  First from Writer Beware, a thorough investigation of who Write Agenda is, who they support, and why they may be doing what they’re doing.  Second from John Scalzi, his own take on the situation and finding himself on the Write Agenda “Boycott List.”

The boycott list is an odd duck.  Because of Write Agenda’s choice to go after the SFWA officer’s corp and anyone who has supported Writer Beware, it can serve as a fantastic reading list for anyone looking for what’s coming out of modern genre fiction.  Scalzi is on there, and even notes “I suspect that soon a number of other authors I know will go examine the list and be positively hurt they are not on the boycott list as well.”  Mary Robinette Kowal is on there.  AC Crispin is on there.  I’d rather not link to the boycott list itself from this post, but it’s out there.

Really, it’s interesting timing for this to all come to light.  Write Agenda has been working for a while, giving 1 star reviews to books by authors on their list and taking other actions both online and off.  However seeing a boycott list in the afterglow of Banned Book Week only just whets my appetite for some more reading.  And that is perhaps the best way that someone at my level in the industry (which is to say: a complete unknown) can support Writer Beware during this.  Write Agenda puts a lot of credence in the mercurial process of Amazon sales rankings.  So find an author on the boycott list you’ve been meaning to give a read.  Get their book.  Put a thumb in the eye of those who would attack organizations set up with the only intent of helping upcoming writers.

And if you don’t read Writer Beware, read it.  It’s a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get into the industry.

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