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When You Love What You’re Doing

Isn’t that how the saying starts?  When you love what you’re doing, you can’t call it work.  It goes something like that.  So along those lines, I was thrilled when the University of Chicago came out with the list of the 10 jobs that resulted in the highest levels of job satisfaction.  I enjoy job satisfaction.  Who doesn’t?  So let’s look at the list.

1) Clergy.  While I wouldn’t have guessed this, I also can’t say I’m entirely surprised.  For those who believe, truly believe, what would be more satisfying than spreading God’s word to the world?  Of course, the big problem there is that I’m not particularly religious, so a life in the clergy just isn’t something I’m suited for.  Next.

2) Firefighters.  Apparently 80% of firefighters report positively when asked about their job satisfaction.  These are people who put no thought into their own safety who have made a career out of saving others.  That’s got to be a hell of a feeling, knowing people are alive thanks to your actions.  Sadly, I lack both the physical conditioning and the heroic altruism necessary for the work.  I really respect those who do, but it’s not me.  Next.

3) Physical Therapists.  There’s a theme thus far.  Saving people.  Religiously saving people, physically saving people, and now physical therapists who help people who have experienced a trauma get their lives back to normal.  It’s fantastically important work, and while I’m sure there are frustrations in every bit of therapy, there are so many rewards.  It also requires years of study, and the kind of people skills that I just have never quite managed.  Next.

4) Author.


I guess we have a winner.

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