Eat This: Mango Ice Cream

This weekend found me at the Charlotte Hall Farmers Market up in Maryland.  I’ve heard stories of this particular market since my wife went two years ago, so I was excited to finally check it out for myself.  It was an odd duck, simultaneously larger and smaller than I expected.  The entirety of the affair was larger, a massive sprawl that included semi-permanent antique stores, a strip containing vendors of questionable repute, and several people selling kittens, puppies, baby rabbits, chicks, kids (goats not human), and various extraneous animals.  The farmers market portion was smaller than I expected, only a few booths with actual fresh fruit and veggies.

At one of the booths the vendor was passing slices of mango out.  Mango is one of those flavors I always expect to like more than I do, and this showed me why: because I’d never had a proper tasting mango before.  It was sweet, tart, even a little bready in a good way.  $5 would get me a box.  Without asking how many in a box I handed over my $5 and in return got a crate of 12 mangoes.  Which…is a LOT of mango.  That meant the trick was what to do with all of them and before I even got home I had set my mind on mango ice cream.

This is the recipe I landed on, thrilled that it included coconut milk, one of those flavors that pairs with mango more perfectly than almost any other combination of flavors.  It drove home how good the mangoes were that I got my 2 cups of cubed mango not out of 2-3, but out of 2 with enough left over for a quick snack.  I also made one change to the recipe, a last minute audible.  With the ice cream churn already running I hit the idea of cubing a third mango and dumping it in to get actual mango chunks in the final ice cream.  This was no small feat, as disassembling a mango feels less like cutting a fruit and more like butchering a piece of meat.  In the end, it was the right call.  Easily the best ice cream that’s come out of our home churn, just barely topping the lychee ice cream from a year ago.  It’s a little icy, but the combination of the coconut, mango, and lime flavors results in a wonderfully tropical taste, and the big hunks of frozen mango add little juicy splashes to each bite.

We’re down to just two mangoes left now.  Probably one by the time I get home.  Never figured I liked the fruit nearly as much, and wouldn’t have guessed I could eat so many of them so quickly.

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