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Mental Health Days

I’m shocked how many people at my day job hadn’t heard of the idea of a mental health day.  In case you haven’t either, here’s the general gist.  One day you look at the calendar at work, realize that it’s a hell of a long time until the company is going to give you a day off, realize you’re going insane, and realize you have plenty of leave.  Then you just…take a damn day off.  Not to do anything, just to not be at work.

Though in my case I’m also turning this into a Write Like It’s Your Day Job day.  Those are slightly harder.  Especially for me.  I know there are people out there that have all the discipline in the world.  They can stay at home for an entire day and still carve out eight hours to actually not act like they’re at home.  Me?  Never was very good at it.  I don’t tend to do a lot of telecommuting not just because of the nature of my job but because I know I’m just no damn good at it.

But it’s kind of nice, being able to sit down in the middle of a weekday, not be at work, but instead focusing on something you actually want to do.  It’s let me already do one rather painful editing pass of a story that was in rough shape, and should give me time this afternoon to either do another editing pass, or to actually focus some attention on the planned Fortnightcap collection.

In short, don’t be afraid to take some time off from your job to do some writing.  Time off exists for a reason, and there are often so many fewer demands out of a random Monday taken off than a weekend.  Just make sure you treat it like a day at work.  Don’t postpone weekend chores to that day.  Try to have a hard clock in and clock out time.  Remove any distractions that take away from your writing process.  And then…get to work.

And dream of a day that it IS your day job.

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