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Duotrope Finds

Normally I do these over on Unleaded, but today I’m doing them here, because I already have something I want to talk about over there this week.  Anyone who has looked at my deadlines tracker over on the right hand side of this blog will notice it’s getting precariously empty, so let’s fill it back up again.

Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations: This one intrigues the hell out of me.  Anthology is looking for “Horror, Speculative Fiction, and to a lesser degree Science Fiction, relating to civilizations that are lost, or have been forgotten, or have been rediscovered, or perhaps merely spoken about in great and fearful whispers.”  The first provided example is Atlantis which, in my mind, means don’t do Atlantis unless you have something to set you apart from everyone else who will.  I’ve got my culture picked, one that I’ve wanted to write a horror story about since I first read about it.  But I’m not telling you, not yet at least, because I want the concepts all to my greedy self.  Length: 2000-7000.  Payment: Penny/Word.  Deadline: October 31st.

Flush Fiction Anthology:  We’ve all seen the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series hanging out in the humor section of the book store, right?  Sounds like they’re branching out a little, looking to put together a cross-genre, humor-optional flash fiction anthology.  It’s the rare beast among anthologies right now: one requiring submissions printed and sent through something called “The Mail.”  I’ll have to figure out what that is if I decide to submit.  Might bulk and polish a Fortnightcap for that one.  Length: <1000.  Payment: $50/flat (pro rate). Deadline: August 31st.

Benevolent Apocalypse:  It’s the end of the world as we know it.  Or it was, a few years ago, and now humanity is moving on because what people do is survive.  Benevolent Apocalypse is looking for answers to the question “What happens when people keep calm and carry on?”  Lots of stories focus on the end, these are stories about a new beginning.  Which has such a hopeful ring to it, especially since they specifically don’t want “Solitary, angry, lonely, desperate, fearful figures in a bleak or desolate landscape.”  Length: 1000-6000.  Payment: $20/flat.  Deadline: August 31st.

I usually do three, but I feel like if I mention Benevolent Apocalypse, I should also mention:

Apocalypse Hope: Similar deal.  In fact, I wonder how many crossover submissions there will be between the two anthologies.  Please note that while Benevolent does say, Hope specifically does say no simultaneous submissions.  In their words, “The stories must in some way address the idea that after the apocalypse (whatever and wherever in your universe that might be), there is a future for the peoples who survive it.”  Length: 2000-8000.  Payment: AUS$50/flat.  Deadline: September 30th.

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