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Eat This: Green and Goat Burgers

We’ve got way too many tomatoes.  Especially since I’m not really a fan of tomatoes.  If they all go ripe at once we’re going to have no choice but to either stew and can them, or give a bunch of them away, so we’ve been looking for green tomato recipes.  Because for some reason I do like green tomatoes.  I knew you could fry them, but as I was planning to fire up the grill last night I wondered.

Can you grill them?

That’s when I found this recipe.  Grilled Green Tomatoes with Goat Cheese.  I was immediately sold, because I love me some goat cheese.  But I figured, yeah, I could make those a side dish.  But I’m already planning corn as a side dish.  And really, tomatoes and cheese belong on a burger, not beside a burger.

One pound of ground buffalo.  Get it when you can find it and are looking to make burgers.  Seriously.  It’s going to be $1-2 more than ground beef (though I have seen it less than ground beef) but you are going to absolutely taste the difference.  Split into patties, onto the grill, and cover it to get them nice and smoky.  I simplified the tomato marinade to just olive oil, lime juice, white pepper, and salt.  The pepper acted as an emulsifier by complete accident so I had a really thick sauce.  I started the tomatoes when I flipped the burgers.  Careful, the olive oil will drip and you will get flair ups.  Gave the tomatoes a few minutes on one side, a minute on the other, then stacked them onto the burgers.  Added a big dollop of goat cheese on top, then covered it all again to give the cheese a chance to melt.

Oh.  You grill your buns, right?  Grill your buns!  I actually brushed them with a little more of the oil-and-lime marinade and tossed them on, just a few seconds, bread burns fast.  Take the buns off, stack the burgers on, and just enjoy the hell out of one of the best burgers you’ve pulled off your grill.  If you’ve never tried buffalo, I can only describe it as “beef, but more so.”  No gamey quality, it’s like the buffalo somehow develop their own Worcestershire sauce naturally.  Green tomatoes don’t yet have the tart tang of ripe tomatoes and are so sweet, and when grilled they have no crispness left.  The goat cheese is just creamy wonderfulness.  Seriously.

If you’re growing tomatoes, grab one now, nice and green.  Heck, it’s one fewer tomato for the squirrels to eat.  Fire up the grill, and get cooking.

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