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Mythology noodling 1

In that time before time the world was a great sea, and there was no land.  This great sea was looked upon by two of four brothers who had long worked together to bring up creation before ultimately fighting and sending it back down into oblivion.  This new creation with its vast ocean offered no people that could be sacrificed to their might and power and no land upon which temples could be built to their honor and glory.

“There must be land,” said one of the brothers, the stiff wind that blew over the sea, churning its waters into white capped waves.

“There must be people,” said the other, the spirit of raw magic that danced on the waves and elicited strange lights even when the sun did not shine.

The brothers knew that in this great ocean lived a leviathan of unbelievable size, the great crocodile monster that prowled the unseen depths where the water is cold and the fish are strange.  There were no nets large enough to dredge it from its home, nor rope strong enough to drag it from ocean floor.  The brothers knew that the creature thirsted only for blood.

And so did the spirit of magic manifest, and with a great blade sliced open his foot, letting his blood fill the ocean which churned red and hot.  The great earth monster smelled the blood and hungered, rising up from the bottom of the ocean to feast upon the flesh being offered it.  And so did it bite at the foot of the great god of magic and might, feasting upon his sacrificed foot.

Before the great crocodile could then sink back to the depths, the brothers set upon it and captured it.  They pulled at its body, which gave and stretched, spreading wide across the surface of the world ocean.  Upon the back of this creature did they place humanity, and instructed them in the power of the sacrifice, both willing and unwilling, in the creation of this world and the land upon which the people can dwell.  And so did the people offer blood to the crocodile earth monster, easing her pain, and to the brothers, gods of this newest of creations.

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