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Eat This: Grilled Corn

I don’t mean this as a slight against Nebraskans, though I’ve yet to have anyone from the fine state visit this blog, but I don’t understand corn huskers.  You’ve seen them.  They stand around the corn in the grocery store, pulling every last husk off the ears they’ve chosen, and leave them in the trash cans that the stores provide.  This saddens me for two reasons.  The first is the squeaking sound of half a dozen corn huskers going at once is like nails on a chalkboard.  The second is that it means they’re going to go home and boil their corn.

It means they aren’t going to cook their corn the best possible way: in husk and grilled.  Or in husk and baked, if you’re not grilling.  Or even in husk and microwaved.  The trick is the husk.  It’s one of the single finest cooking vessels that mother nature provides.  There’s a reason there are other recipes that involve cooking withing corn husks.

It’s simple.  Just soak the corn in water for a few minutes, put it on the grill, and wait until the husk is starting to blacken.  Then pull it off the grill, shuck it, and enjoy the best damn corn you can make.

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