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$2000 Grand Prize Short Story Contest!

Did that get your attention? i09, one of the blogs that are part of Gawker Media, is running a contest for stories about environmental disasters. Grand prize? $2000! Here’s a link. And here’s some info from that page:

Your story should deal meaningfully and plausibly with some aspect of environmental disaster. There are no limits on the kind of disaster you explore. It could be an exploding star, a plague, tachyon pollution, nanotech diseases, climate change, or something else. What’s important is that your story deal with causes and consequences. How did the disaster happen, who will benefit from it, how will people (or other creatures) respond to it? We don’t want morality tales or after school specials here – just good stories that deal realistically with the subject matter.

Deadline is December 11, and the target length is 3000-5000 words. I got this from the SWFA twitter feed, so it’s being well advertised, should be a nice competitive contest, especially at well above pro-rates for the winner.

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Steal This Post!

I’m sure anyone who’s read this has heard about the Cooks Source kerfuffle today.  To sum up for those who haven’t: the internet is not public domain.  For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the best summations I’ve heard come from Gizmodo and (oddly) woot.  For some entertainment related to this, there’s the @cookssource twitter account (note: not actually the Cooks Source twitter account).


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