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Sleep rejected, submitted

Had Sleep shot down in very short order by ASIM, which doesn’t surprise me too much.  It’s a tough story to find a good market for because it isn’t quite spec fic, even if it did get once picked up for a dark comedy anthology.  I’ve sent it back out the door, this time trying an audio market.

Because I’ve realized one thing.  Short stories are like children.  You need to raise them, make sure they’re ready for the world, but at a certain point you need to kick them out the door and tell them to get a job!  I’ve got three out right now, I’m going to try and get a fourth in the form of Div!0 in circulation.  Because short stories’ll never get bought just sitting on my hard drive.

Nanowrimo starts tomorrow.

2013 deadline is FAST approaching (Friday, people, Friday) so I’ll probably have to pass on it, since I don’t even really have a concept.  Two more deadlines looking better and added to a calendar over there on the right hand tool bar.  Yay, calendars.

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