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#OneOffFlash Week: Only

Here it is, the stand-in contest to fill the void with so many other flash fiction contests taking the week off.  Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is to write and post up to 500 words, one of which must be the word below.  The contest will close at 8pm Eastern Time (5pm Pacific), at which point I’ll read through the stories and decide on one to be the big winner of the first, last, and only One Off Flashfiction contest.  That winner will walk away knowing that no one else will ever equal his or her accomplishment, as I never intend to run this contest again!

Sound simple enough?  Good.

Then lets go.

Your theme word is…RESOLVE

There are 16 definitions available for the word on, 12 as a noun, 4 as a verb.  I’m just asking you to use one of those.

Good luck, and good writing.

And don’t forget your Twitter handle!

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