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This Weekend in DC

Great weekend for genre writers and fans in and around the DC area.

Tonight, Sir Terry Pratchett is going to do a talk at the National Press Club to promote his new book Snuff.  I’ve previously attended one author event at the Press Club when Neil Gaiman game through town promoting the anniversary edition of American Gods.  They put on a good event, especially in how they handle questions, which are solicited from the audience and screened before being handed to the author.  Sadly, there will not be a signing, but rather a “stamping,” as Sir Terry is no longer capable of sitting and signing hundreds of books at one go.  Makes me glad I got to see him at the National Book Festival a few years ago to get our copy of Good Omens signed.  Tickets are still available through the Press Club website.

This weekend is also Capclave!  For anyone who writes or reads genre fiction in the DC area, this is a can’t miss event.  There isn’t a cosplay element, instead it’s just a fantastically focused convention that has a very heavy focus on the craft.  I’m constantly impressed by how well run Capclave is.  I’ve been to Big Three conventions that weren’t nearly as well organized as the typical Capclave.  Registration is now limited to on-site.  $60 for the weekend, or if you want to do an à la carte day they break down to $20, $35, and $10 for tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday.

The biggest bit of excitement about Capclave this year was very quietly announced via an update to their online schedule.  What was previously being called a “surprise guest” panel tomorrow at 1pm has now been renamed “Talk With Terry” as Sir Terry will apparently be stopping by for a few hours.  I’ve been joking with friends for weeks that he might stop by the convention since he was in town anyway, but at no point did I expect him to do so.  Having tickets for tonight’s event at the Press Club it now means I get chances to see Sir Terry on consecutive days, which really has me geeking out.

So track me down at either.  I’ll be the guy who is shockingly shy considering his rampant online logorrhea.

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