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Flashathon Hour 10 Prompt: From Nancy Jane Moore

Hard to know what to even say at this point.  I suspect this will be when I hit the moment of just sheer bloody minded determination.  The finish line is in sight, bu there’s still three more hours of writing between us and it.  All I can say is: be strong.  Keep calm.  Carry on.  And DON’T BLINK!

Wait, that’s something else entirely.

This hour we’ve got unannounced surprise inspiration from Nancy Jane Moore, who has recently published an e-book collection of short stories and flash fiction.  So, ya know, no pressure or anything.  Here’s the prompt:

Risk all for a little sun.

That’s a hell of a six words right there, and I must say while setting these up the night before this has me the closest to cheating and working on my story ahead of time.  But I’ll be good and join everyone else when this goes live.  I promise.  So join us in the comments.

Flashes of Illumination by Nancy Jane MooreNancy Jane Moore’s most recent book is Flashes of Illumination, an e-book collection of short-short stories released in August by Book View Café. Her other books include the collection Conscientious Inconsistencies, published by PS Publishing, and the novella Changeling from Aqueduct Press.  Her short fiction has appeared in a number of anthologies and magazines, including  most recently “Gambit” in the military SF anthology No Man’s Land, and stories in Book View Café’s two steampunk anthologies: The Shadow Conspiracy and The Shadow Conspiracy II.  Nancy Jane holds a fourth degree black belt in Aikido. After living for many years in Washington, D.C., she returned to her native Texas in 2008, and now lives in Austin.

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