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Flashathon Hour 1 Prompt: From DL Thurston

Aaaaaaaaand GO!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re seeing this post, it means Flashathon has begun!  I’ll be here for the next twelve hours, as will the other members of the Cat Vacuuming Society taking part.  Join us for as much or as little of the madness as you’d like.

Since I’m in charge around here, I thought I’d take responsibility for the first hour’s inspiration.  Since we’re warming up, I’m going to keep it easy.  Trust me, I’ve seen all the prompts (the benefit of running the event) and there are some fantastically complex ones on tap.  For this first hour, let’s just start with:

In the beginning…

There it is.  Use it, don’t use it, have fun with it, and let us know in the comments what you’ve done.  If you’d like to post your stories, you can, but if you’d prefer not, at least mention what you worked on.  Next prompt coming up at 1pm Eastern.



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