Mac OSX Name Gen Files

US Census Lists

These lists come from the archives of the 2000 US Census, and feature the 1000 most popular last names for Asians and Latinos living in the United States, and a massive list of every last name used by at least 0.001% of the United States.   Neither ethnicity list is curated.  This means that Smith is on both lists, as there are enough Americans of both Latino and Asian origins for that name to show up in the top 1000.  The third list contains nearly 19,000 names.  You have been warned.

Old English Names

Taken from lists of British names dating back to the 1200s, these provide a nice sample of English names in the 1200s, 1300s, and 1600s.  The 1200s First Names list is the most extensive, coming from the Fine Rolls of Henry III, a fantastic cross sampling of first names from the era.  This might be just me talking, but as I’ve run these names in the generator, they have a great high fantasy feel about them.  I did some curating of the 1296 last names, removing all the “filius” and “uxor” names, which mean “son of” and “daughter of.”

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