State of the Writer: December 2013

I was logged in to kill some spam comments, and I realized I hadn’t written a State of the Writer post yet for this month. Not only that, but I haven’t written a post at all since last month’s State of the Writer. So here goes.

I’ve brought up Don’t Break the Chain a few times on the blog, and more frequently on Twitter. It’s still turning out to be a hell of a tool, as I’m now sitting on an unbroken streak of eighty-five days. That’s eighty-five days of writing 500 words, editing for half an hour, or outlining for half an hour. I’ll hit an even one hundred before the end of the year, and if I do so, I’m thinking about upping the difficulty level to 750 words, or 45 minutes.

This has led to a manuscript of 47,000 words, likely on the way to an 80,000 word rough draft. Which is right on target. More importantly, over the last few nights I’ve really hit the voice of the book. This is a point I sometimes hit earlier, sometimes later. With Nickajack it was nearly immediate, but it’s been a slow process here. Which isn’t really a problem. As long as it comes at all. The trick is to then double back when I hit the end and fix up the beginning with the corrected voice.

It’s a novel I’m still excited about. It’s also the first novel that I’ve been completely in the dark about. Most of my writing I’ve bounced off a writers group while it’s in progress, but those of you who are members of the group know: I haven’t been showing up as much lately. It’s the price of having a baby, I suppose. It’s been a little uncomfortable, but not enough so to stop. It does mean that I’m going to need to go through several rounds of beta reading.

Not yet. I’ll say when.

State of the author’s beer: We’ve popped two bottles this weekend. The first is the year old Pi Stout. The boysenberry flavor, unfortunately, doesn’t shine through. Though the stout has a beautiful color, and I’m very happy with the quality. It’s a recipe that I plan to tweak. The other bottle was our apple beer. It’s still very hoppy, though has mellowed since our last try. We’re thinking it’ll be perfect this summer, perhaps cut with apple juice or cider as a shandy, or with a hard cider as part of a snake bite.

State of the author’s bees: Hopefully hibernating happily. It’s damned cold out there.

There’s a potential bad habit I could get into. Starting each post with an apology, ending each with a promise to post more. I’m going to fight that. Keep me honest.

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