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Since it’s been my best read post in…basically since I’ve been blogging, I wanted to do some quick follow-up on Can We Talk from last week. First, I’d like to point people towards Linda Adams’s post on Unleaded that graciously links back to my post. Though, I’ll say, the trackback text read “Some people don’t believe it’s a problem. Yet, we need to keep speaking up and making ourselves heard — both men and women,” and I’ll admit a certain worry that my post was linked through the words “don’t believe it’s a problem” not “making ourselves heard.” It’s always my paranoia that I’m going to come across tone-deaf in a post like that, which is part of why I didn’t write it for so long.

The longer bit of follow-up.

Over on Twitter there’s a new account that I first saw linked by author and all-around person I wouldn’t want to fuck with Myke Cole. The account is called “SFWA Fascists,” a parody account meant to mock the “Screeching Feminist Witches Association – destroying one institution at a time with political correctness.” That is to say, basically speaking out against the growing voice of reason within SFWA that has said enough is enough on the kind of old boys club shit that has been permitted for far too long within the genre. Now, I don’t know that this account was started by one or more of Mary Robinette Kowal’s “Twelve Rabid Weasels,” but if it wasn’t, it was certainly started by someone who is on the side of weaselhood.

Normally I wouldn’t be interested in giving an account like this much attention, except that it has provided one shockingly positive feature to the world at large. It maintains a list. This list is called “PC Monsters of the SFWA.” Those writers who they view as being The Problem within SFWA. One of the reasons that I don’t think it’s one of the Twelve Rabid Weasels is the lack of Kowal herself on the list, but that’s circumstantial evidence at best. The list also does not include John Scalzi (edit: now it does), who would seem to be a key candidate for the list. Who it does include? Right now fourteen individuals who I strongly recommend following if you’re for a more vocal anti-weasel SFWA. I was following three when I discovered the list. Now, I’m following them all. If you’d like to do the same, they can be found here (Edit: The list has been renamed at least once since the original post, the new name includes the c-word). I’m thinking about creating an archive of the list, just in case those behind the Twitter account realize people might subvert the list for some good.

This list, in my mind, is a badge of honor. If you’ve pissed off the individuals who want to keep SFWA in the 1950s, in a public enough way that they’ve noticed, then I say good on you. SFWA is an organization that I still have a lot of faith in, that I hope to one day be a member of. That there are people trying to make the organization better should be applauded. That there are people who stand out as being anti-anti-weasel in a real and substantive way is fantastic, and it will make SFWA better as it goes forward.

Sadly, I find myself ineligible for the list, being not yet a member of SFWA. Perhaps they might one day start a list of Honorary PC Monsters. A guy can dream, can’t they?

I stand by the PC Monsters of the SFWA. Because they’re the ones fighting the good fight. Keep fighting.

End Note: I suppose there is a possibility that I’ve been had, that the account is actually meant to parody the Weasels in some satirical double-back. The fact that its only list is made up of the good guys might support this. If so, my applause for fully and completely getting me. Though even in that case, that list is filled with Tweeters I’m glad to now follow.

Edit: Apparently, just like the previous post, this one is going to see some editing. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking the folks on the list are worth following. PC Monster Jess Haines noticed a bump in her followership shortly after the list went live:

Good on everyone.

Edit: Worried that the list will eventually go away when the hosting account either folds, gets shut down, or realizes the list is being coopted, I’ve created a mirror here. It’s called “Doing Something Right” for a good reason.


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