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There’s a phenomenon in both the workout and dieting communities called “confusion.” Muscle confusion, working different sets of muscles to maximize ones workout routine, is central to the P90X system. Dietary confusion to keep the body losing weight and not adjusting to one form of dieting is available as a plan from at least one company that advertised heavily here in the DC area. So if confusion, rapidly changing pace to keep the body guessing, is a good idea for losing weight and gaining muscle…why not for the brain?

Thus it is that I believe I’ve created the perfect Mental Confusion transition. Which…needs a better name. I just wrapped up reading Mira Grant’s Deadline, the middle book of her Newsfeed trilogy, and then switched immediately over to Dava Sobel’s Longitude. I believe this is a perfect Mental Confusion switch, because the books can be scientifically proven as exact opposites with the following chart:

Deadline Longitude
Genre Fiction Non-Fiction
Setting The Future The Past
Length 581 Pages 185 Pages
Zombies? Yes Not yet

Granted, I haven’t finished Longitude yet, so I can’t absolutely guarantee that it’s zombie-free. As far as I know, the invention of Longitude was, in part, to properly chart and avoid an island of zombies somewhere in the Indian Ocean. However, I suspect that would have come up in history class if it were true.

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