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The little bird is teething again. She’s been a reverse rodent for a little over a month with two pronounced lower front teeth and nothing else. Now there’s a little nubbin of a top tooth through her gums and another on its way. Which…really sucks. Teething just strikes me as an unfathomably cruel part of the first year of a child’s life. These nice perfectly smooth gums are being pierced in a slow and deliberate way. I understand the evolutionary advantage to not having holes pre-existing in the gums, but it reminds me of Wolverine feeling it every time he extends his claws. Or that perhaps mythic Chinese torture method of letting sharpened bamboo grow into and through the body of a victim.

But this is somehow worse. At least in those cases, the victim would know the exact source of their pain. May be able to understand it in some way. A baby just knows this constant aching pain, hopefully the worst chronic pain of their life-to-date, and the only possible comfort is a few drops of baby Tylenol. Sometimes I wonder if the old method of a little bourbon on the gums was a decent way forward. Not enough to actually do it, but I can understand it.

Unfortunately it makes sleeping difficult. It makes being awake difficult. And whenever things are difficult on baby, they’re difficult on mommy and daddy. Which was the cause of much exhaustion in the house when the baby decided 6am was a fantastic time to wake up both mornings this weekend. Probably half discomfort, half the sun being fully up and the baby not understanding varying lengths of the day. It’s not her fault she’s ignorant, she doesn’t have much in the way of life experiences.

At least writing is happening. Words are forming, going into computers. Nearly 1000 between my wife and I this previous week. Which might not sound like much for a week, but is nearly 1000 words more than most other weeks these past few months. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the goal, after Tuesdays and Fridays turned into a bad idea after just one week. Finding those little times after the baby has gone to bed, but before we trundle our sorry, exhausted selves to bed as well.

We’ve been invited to a party next month. It’s a birthday party. “Elmo will be there,” my wife explained. This really is a new phase of my life, isn’t it?

Speaking of life changes, I’m officially on my lay-off count down at work. 53 days and counting. Job hunt is moving into a higher gear, and I’m even looking into what steps I’d need to do to become a teacher, in case that looks like the best way forward. Wish me luck.

This week on the blog: adventures in brewing, and thoughts on the deaths of science fiction authors. And other stuff. This updating four times a week thing is working really well so far.

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