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Nine Months On

Yesterday the little bird turned nine months old. The day my step-father has taken to calling her equinox, which I’ll leave as an exercise to the reader to figure out. It’s odd to see someone change so vastly yet so gradually. She’s now capable of hauling ass, not crawling in the way an adult who is crawling might crawl…more like an adult might crawl under barbed wire while at basic training. She crawls like someone who is bad at swimming. Her feet might kick at times, but all the power is in her arms which pull her forward.

Needless to say, baby proofing has begun in the Casa de Thurston. Annoying plastic covers on the door knobs, plug covers, and a gate at the top of the basement stairs that one of our cats is much better at jumping over than the other. Since the cat who is bad at jumping also tends to be the asshole cat, this has been a boon to the cat who can jump it.

But you didn’t come here for words, you came here for videos. And videos you shall have. About a week ago I decided that YouTube was the best way to share out videos of the baby’s exploits to far-flung aunts, uncles, grandparents, and any other number of technically adept well wishers. Now, I’ll go into this saying my camcorder isn’t the best in the world, maybe one day I’ll get one that shoots video at better than 360p, but here you go:

Video one is a game we sometimes play in which I try to keep her stacking rings on her saucer, and she tries to knock them off:

Video two shows a little of how she reads a book. I hope to get a better video of this, but her method involves turning the pages and making random noises. Since, after all, isn’t that what mommy and daddy are doing? If you hold on, it also features some waving at the camera.

And last up, it’s a short video, but it features that greatest of all sounds, a baby’s laughter.

I’ll eventually get better at editing these down.

Alright, cute baby videos are out of the way. Less cute content returns tomorrow.

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