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State of the Writer: June 2013

It’s a new month, and it’s a new plan.

It’s always dangerous to think of the baby as being on a schedule, but for now she’s going to bed at a reliable time, and reliably falling asleep. Just writing that sentence has probably doomed us, but my wife-slash-coauthor and I have finally figured out a way forward on Nickajack that starts this week. That’ll get the ball rolling after a few months of scrambling to find a little time here or a little time there. Now it’s one hour twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, after the baby has gone to bed. Laptop gets plugged into the television, eliminating a source of distraction in the process, and we work. First on Nickajack then eventually on Mogollon.

I also hope to work out some schedule for the Sarah Constant books once the Nickajack books have a comfortable routine. I need to move from world building to outlining, one of those pesky little formalities required if I’m going to ever actually write these novels. While I hate to say I’m planning to plan to plan, that’s where I largely am right now. Planning to use this month to figure out a schedule that will work for outlining. Babies do this to your brain and your time. Seriously. Though I don’t regret it for a moment.

These State of the Author updates are getting shorter, but I’m going to keep up with them. They do me some good.

State of the Author’s Bees: Very active. We got some great bees this time around, and they’re already into their third super of frames (the super is a box, each of which holds eight frames). While I doubt we’ll get any honey this year, it’s not impossible, and they’re certainly setting themselves up for a better summer and winter than our previous hives. They’re also friendlier bees, if that’s not weird to say.

State of the Author’s Beer: Was a busy beer week last week. To the point that it’ll get its own post this week.

We’re into the third month of 2013 nominees for the Great Hugo Read, which means diving into the deep end of the Vorkosigan Saga with Captain Vorpatil’s Alliance, and continuing through the Newsflesh trilogy with Deadline. I didn’t entirely realize how long either Vorpatril or Deadline were when I paired them together, it’s nearly 1000 total pages of reading. I hope I get through both of tem, but Deadline might bleed over into August. No pun intended. Cause, see, it’s about zombies…

This week on the blog. Beer, thoughts on my first time reading Midnight at the Well of Souls, the future of Star Trek, and probably other things. Among the other things I’m trying to work into the schedule is this blog, which I posted to only ten times last month, with four of those posts being last week.

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