State of the Writer: May 2013

Focusing on the positive: This month I got some good world building done on the Sarah Constant series. The very last bit of writing related anything I did this month was come up with a major plot character for book two (probably won’t be a POV character, but is important to the story). Which…on one hand that’s dangerous, gotta get book one written first, but on the other hand it’s exciting to know that I’ve got a place to take this series beyond the first novel. I’ve also started some high level outlining, trying to break down the major plotlines into the seven beat structure I borrowed from Dan Wells a way back long time ago. At least knowing where each plot line starts gives me a structure for the first few chapters of the outline, which should help me see where all these plots are going and where I still have questions about the ship.

Still hoping to get a big chunk of the rough draft done in November.

State of the writer’s bees: I didn’t really put up a post about this, but we’ve got two hives once again in the back yard. This year we went with package bees, which is what most people think of when they think of bee deliveries. We paid our money, we were told when and where to show up, and when we did so we got two boxes full of bees. Nothing else, just 9000-10000 bees in a box with four wooden sides and two mesh ones, plus a can of sugar water to keep them fed during transport. It’s a little more complicated to put package bees into a hive, though we also didn’t do any of the methods we saw on Youtube.

Here’s how hard core beekeepers install packages. They open the box up, pull out the can and the queen cage, then just shake all the bees out into the hive. That just makes me think about the bee scene from The Wicker Man. We were a little more careful, opened up the packages, put them in the bottom of the hive, and just let the bees come out on their own. So much less stress on the bees, and more importantly, the beekeepers. Now we’ve got happy bees again, flying around like they’re supposed to, and this weekend we’re going to make sure our two new queens (Peachtree and Umbriel) are laying eggs and haven’t been horribly murdered by their loyal subjects.

State of the writer’s beer: The boysenberry stout recipe has some room for improvement, though I’m still a neophyte on how to make beer, much less improve a recipe. I still have hopes for this being my signature beer. What we have isn’t going to win any contests, but is certainly a pleasurable drinking experience.

May should be an interesting month. Saturday the baby turns eight months, and will probably get her first trip downtown on the Metro as there’s an exhibit my wife and I want to get to before it closes, and it closes on Sunday. She’s been an absolute delight lately, and really deserves her own post in the near future.

We’re into month five of the Great Hugo Read, which is the second month of 2013 nominees. That means Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed, which is available in hardback or paperback at your favorite local independent or chain bookstore, in all your favorite electronic formats, and from Audible. I’m still slogging through a book on the archaeological proof of the people who spoke Proto-Indo-European, I’ll be picking up Moon in a few days.

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