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Flashathon 2012 Hour Eighteen

This is it. This is the end of Flashathon 2012. I’ll be honest, I probably went to bed several hour ago. But just because I’m not here doesn’t mean the Flashathon doesn’t roll on. For those of you insane enough on the east coast to stick through the whole thing, here into the wee hours, I’m amazed. For those on the west taking this all the way to midnight, I know from last year how tough that is.

Speaking of people on the east crazy enough to stay up, we’re going to close out with Day Al-Mohamed, just as we did last year. Day is one of the owners of the Unleaded blog and co-editor of the upcoming Trust and Treachery anthology. First time up, she wanted us to think about being the other in terms of how we define ourselves and individuals. This last hour, it’s a slightly different other we’re looking at.

Pick a time period. Any time period (not our own) and write in it.

I’m going to add my own something to this and suggest you need to go back at least before the day you were born to define “not our own” time. So go to it. Write. Then go to bed. I’ll meet you all back here Monday once we’ve all gotten over the Flashathon hangover.

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Flashathon 2012 Hour Seventeen

We’re into the home stretch. After this it’s just one more prompt, and then Flashathon will be done for another year. However, we’re not done yet. So into hour seventeen we go.

Rules. They’re everywhere. Organizations have them, clubs, businesses, countries (though they tend to call them laws). Even this event has them, though I largely encourage ignoring them. Wherever these rules exist, one of them has to be listed first. So the prompt for this hour is simply…

Rule #1

Take that as you will, or don’t take it at all. But do get to writing!

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