Flashathon 2012 Hour Thirteen

Let’s do a little fancy HTMLing for this hour’s prompt. We’ve been hanging out together for a few hours now, I think a little tabling between friends. This is going to be a one word prompt, but you’re going to have to assemble the word out of the prefixes and suffixes below, turn it into a word, one that doesn’t actually exist, then use that word in your story.


So this should create some interesting words. Best of luck!

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    #1 by DLThurston on October 27, 2012 - 9:22 pm

    “That’s cheating!” said Greg.

    “But it works,” Jason had a smug smile on his face.

    “I don’t care if it works. It’s…it’s cheating!”

    The wheel on the table flipped itself over and over, the momentum of dropping a cup of water each time providing the perfect push of energy to keep spinning. No loss of momentum, no surrender to friction, or air resistence, or any of the laws of physics.

    “Tough. Perpetual motion. Pay up.”

    “I’m not paying you a dime. You cheated.”

    “I don’t think we had any rules like that.”

    “What is that chamber even?”

    Around the wheel was a glass chamber. On one corner was a small metal box with alternating green and blue lights. Jason turned it on when they walked into the lab and started the wheel. They’d been watching it for two hours now.

    “It’s a demathment chamber.”


    “Demathment. I constructed this chamber to counter the laws of mathematics and physics. When I flip the switch the only laws that apply are the ones that I want to apply.”

    Greg leaned closer. “And you used it to win a bet.”

    “A $100 bet, I believe it was.”

    “You realize the Nobel Prize for Physics comes with over $1 million, right?”

    “That’s beside the point. I only care that you owe me $100. I made perpetual motion.”

    Greg tapped the chamber. Jason grabbed his hand, “Careful with that! It’s fragile!”

    “I don’t see…is it speeding up?”

    “We should get out of here.”

    “But, but it’s speeding up.”

    Jason grabbed Greg’s arm and pulled him from the lab as the wheel spun faster and faster. As they left the chamber itself was shaking. Violently. “Get down!” Jason yelled. As he did, an explosion ripped through the lab behind them. Greg flung himself at the ground.

    And missed.

    “Oh dear.”


    That’s going to actually be it for me tonight. I hope people keep going, but the rigors of fatherhood are pulling me away for the rest of the evening.

    I’d like to thank everyone who is participating, and who continue to participate. There will be new prompts each hour on the hour until 2am eastern, 11pm pacific. I’ll be back around on Monday to break it all down and provide some thoughts on this year’s event.

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    #2 by Dana Gunn on October 27, 2012 - 9:50 pm

    “Debioism,” began the narrator in the video, “is the study of the removal of all biological organisms. This practice began…”

    Tommy had already tuned out the narrator and the video by the time the title had rolled on the screen. He looked across the room at Maria. The thin, blonde girl in black jeans and a white shirt with large lace collars and cuffs sat sideways with her head in one hand and the other lightly grasping a moving pencil.

    Second grade had been when Maria had arrived at school. She had moved with her family from Ohio. It had been nationwide news regarding the robotic massacre of hundreds of manufacturing workers. The city was cordoned off and placed under martial law.

    It had taken him a couple of weeks to get the nerve to talk to her. And when he did, she brushed him off. They had become acquaintances since then. But, truthfully, he was probably the best friend she had at the school. As the years progressed, Tommy had become infatuated with her, as most 17 year old boys will do with a girl who shows them a modicum of attention. Prom was coming up, and Tommy still had not asked anyone to go with him. He was holding out for Maria.

    After the final school bell rang, he raced through the throngs of students to catch up with Maria. Although they did not live on the same street, he started walking with her. “Hey, Maria. What’d ya think about that stupid video? Huh? Stupid, wasn’t it?”

    Maria walked with her arms crossed in front of her holding her school books. “Yeah,” she replied and continued walking.

    They walked on in silence for another minute before Tommy worked up the nerves to speak again. “Um, hey, you, uh…wouldyouliketogotothePromwithme?”

    She smiled at him in her small, almost sad way. The way he had walked with her but failed to notice her lack of questions regarding his particular route home had slightly cracked her hard exterior. She thought he was cute. “Sure.”

    A sideways grin leaked out of Tommy’s nervousness. “Great! I’ll call you with the details.” He almost danced away from her and back toward the school.

    Maria’s smile continued after he was gone. Three blocks later, she heard a noise she had hoped never to hear again. “STOP. YOU HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS SPECIES HUMAN. PREPARE FOR DEBIOMENT.” Those words were etched in her brain since Ohio. They had come from behind her, back the way Tommy had gone. She turned and sprinted after him.

    Tommy was running up the sidewalk back toward the school still wearing a grin. He had hoped he might be able to catch one of the guys that lived on his street to ask them for a ride home since he had already missed his bus. Running into a ten foot tall silver and black robot sporting a large gun instead of an arm was not on his list of things to do for the day. He skidded to a halt when this precise thing happened.

    “STOP. YOU HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS SPECIES HUMAN. PREPARE FOR DEBIOMENT.” The robot’s joints whirred to life as the arm/gun pointed in his direction, hummed with power, and began to glow.

    Tommy’s eyes grew wide. Panic was not an emotion he had much experience with. At this moment though, he was becoming intimately familiar with it. He looked left and right trying to find a way to escape. DEBIOMENT, he thought, DEBIOISM. Crap I should have paid more attention in class today!

    The power rushing through the gun hummed louder just before it was ready to fire. It did not fire. Instead, the power began to dissipate and the humming slowly decreased in volume. Tommy looked up at the ten foot tall robot expecting certain death. What he saw instead was Maria, perched atop the shoulders of the metal behemoth holding on to a short tanto blade that was lodged through the robot’s skull and exiting one of its eyes.

    His arms dropped to his side while he remained motionless and stared at Maria. This was not the girl he knew. Well, the girl he thought he knew.

    “Debioism. Hate it,” she said. With a practiced twist and jerk, she pulled her blade free from the metal skull. She slid down the robot’s torso to land in front of Tommy. “Still want to go to Prom?”

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