National Days

Today, as I write this blog post, it is September 25th. According to…I don’t know who, just people who are asserting it on the internet, today is National Comic Book Day. Which is odd, because I would think that Free Comic Book day would be a better choice for that, but the internet claims otherwise. And who am I to argue with the internet? I don’t read many comic books. Watchmen (but not the Before stuff), Locke and Key, Fall of Cthulhu, maybe the occasional one-shot with a premise that interests me. But I fully support comic books, and comic book days, and recognizing that comic books are awesome. In part because I love comic book movies, and without the books, the movies wouldn’t come out.

So there’s that. But there’s something more important being honored today. No, not National One-Hit Wonder Day. Today is National Voter Registration Day, and unlike National Comic Book Day, this actually has a website. And this is absolutely and critically important. This isn’t a Democratic or Republican thing, this is an American thing. There is a presidential election approaching, thirty-three senatorial elections, and four hundred thirty-five house of representatives elections happening this year. No matter where you are, if you are over 18 you get to participate in at least two of those, and likely all three. Not to mention down ticket races and local issues that will be part of that November 6th ballot.

But only if you are registered to vote.

Voting registration deadlines are rapidly approaching. The earliest deadlines are next Saturday, October 6th. By the 10th it will be too late to register in 21 states. The full list of registration deadlines can be found here.

That’s my little call for civic awesomeness, go register, then remember to go out and vote. I’m not going to say who for. Educate yourself, come to your own decisions, search your feelings, you know it’s true. Wait, wrong cliche. But this is my further call for a little synergy.

Today is not Free Comic Book Day. That happens next on May 4th (see, more Star Wars). However, if today is going to be both National Comic Book Day and National Voter Registration Day, why not Free Comic Book For Registered Voters Day? Alright, yeah, that’s clearly unfair to kids under 18. Know what? In this instance, I don’t care. It could also be argued that we shouldn’t have to bribe people into registering to vote, and questions could come up about whether apolitical people might register just for the comic book. To the former, I agree. To the latter…if it pushed anyone to voting who might not before, I think that’s a net positive to the nation.

So register.

If you’re registered, go find someone else who isn’t, and get them to register.

And if all your friends are registered…go enjoy some comic books. Job well done.


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