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This is just a little silliness inspired by some tweets from Andrew Shaffer. I really have no other explanation.

Her Stud by Thor Davidson (an excerpt)

I woke as the sun fell across my face, and felt his strong arm still wrapped around me. The room smelled of lilac and lavender, and in the morning I could see all the soft colors offset by the dark mahogany headboard I now knew so well. So last night hadn’t been some giddy dream? I lay there just feeling his hot breath on the back of my neck, exciting and arousing. With each tickle the giddy thrills of the night before danced through my body.

He stirred and asked, “are you awake?”

I turned and looked into his pale blue eyes. In every dream I’d had of this moment, he always had pale blue eyes. “Last night was everything I knew it should be,” I said. “I hope I…I mean…since it was my first…”

He silenced me with one of his long fingers with its manicured nail and playful knuckles. “You were magnificent,” he said, then kissed me on the forehead.

I ran my finger down his smooth chest, “You are an absolute stud.” He turned away from me so sharply my heart skipped and pounded, terrified that I might lose him so soon after finding him. “I’m sorry, is it something I said?”

“No,” he answered. “No, it’s something I didn’t say. Something I should have said.”

I sat up in the bed, and pulled his soft sheets up around me. “It’s okay. You can tell me.”

He took a deep breath and rolled onto his back. “You probably know me as Peter Carr, that’s certainly the name all the papers know me as. But you should know my real name is Peterius.”

“Peterius,” I repeated. The name tasted delicious to say. “Is that all, you silly? That Peter is only a nickname?”

“No. There’s more. Something that the papers have never found out, can never find out about me. Do you understand? This would ruin me.”

I was scared and excited. I’d never learned a secret that could ruin someone’s life, especially not someone as powerful as Peter Carr. I’m sorry, Peterius. “It’s okay,” I said, “I won’t tell.”

He rose from the bed, and stood there before me. His pecs glistened in the sun, and his stomach was rippled with ab muscles. The way he stood, I knew I was meant to see his secret, but I was too lost in his body to notice. After a moment he turned sideways, and I saw. “My god. You’re…you’re…”

“Yes. I’m a centaur.”

I bit my trembling lip, trying to hold in a tear. Somehow, I think I always knew.

Okay, okay, enough of that. Back to writing other stuff now that’s out of my system.

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    #1 by Lyndi on August 9, 2012 - 12:06 pm

    *snorts* What the hell are “playful knuckles”…?

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    #2 by Fiona Marsden on August 13, 2012 - 8:55 am

    Nice smile for the day

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