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Help Me Judge A Book By Its Cover!

So far my Ace Doubles have come from a pair of collections, one donated to a library, one sold on eBay.  The library collection was time based, a near complete collection of the Sci-Fi doubles for about a 16 month release window.  The other collection feels more deliberate, someone just buying the novels he loved, then making sure to not only write his name in each one, but on each side of each one.  In this second collection I ended up with three titles from author Emil Petaja.  Petaja only wrote 15 novels, which means buying one man’s Doubles collection netted me 20% of them.

I can only make assumptions, but I think the previous owner of this collection was deliberately picking Petaja books, so that’s where I’m going to go next with my reading.  So I thought I’d open this up for general opinions.  Below are the covers, tell me where I should start!  I’m working through The Janus Affair right now, so I’ll probably be looking for my next read by Friday.

I have my guess which one y’all will choose, but I’m still curious.

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