Flash Fiction Week: First Times

I’m doing something a little different this week.  A little more…masochistic.  The current Chuck Wendig challenge is to write a story set in one of five provided settings.  I also tend to max out at five posts a week, so I figured, what the hell?  Why not do all five?  I’ll post them one per day for the rest of the week, in the order provided in the challenge.

Lunar Brothel

Abandoned Amusement Park

The Bottom of the Ocean

Penthouse Apartment during the Apocalypse

Fairy Tale Forest

Am I mad, perhaps, but pushing comfort zones is part of being an author, and trying to write five good flash pieces like this, it’s certainly pushing the comfort zone.

Day Two: Ride the Time Vortex
Day Three: Finding a Way
Day Four: Above it All
Day Five: Among the Trees

First Times

DL Thurston

The space agencies didn’t officially approve of this place.  They only called it Building 23.  He sat anxiously on the bed, watching her from across the room.  The room felt just a little wrong.  Without full gravity, beds didn’t cushion right.  The air mix through his breather was running oxygen hot today.  The window was an LCD showing a beach, not the sterile lunar surface.  She?  She looked right.  Or right enough.

“This…  Well, this is my first time.”

She stopped her preparations.  “Ever?”

“No, no, just with–”

“A prostitute?”

“–a robot.”

He fiddled with the zipper to his jumpsuit as she crossed the room, dressed in a negligée that hid nothing.  Everything looked to be there.  Her breasts hypnotized them with their dips and bobs, each accentuated by the lower gravity.  She straddled his lap and ran her finger across his chest.

“Tell you what, first timer’s special.  You tell the difference, I’ll take half off.”  She ran her hand along his breather.  “Speaking of taking things off.”

He grabbed at the tube that fed him oxygen.

“It’s alright, air is included in the price of admission.”  She pulled the breather out of his nose, unhooked the hose from around his ear, and let it drop.  He held his breath for a moment, then smelled the stale recirculated air of the whorehouse.  It smelled good.  She smelled good.  She unzipped his jumpsuit and pushed him back to the bed, straddling him, feeling every bit as heavy as a woman back home.  They made ’em more massive here.  It felt good.

He pulled out his earpiece.  He didn’t care what was going on out there.  He just cared about in here.  Just cared about her.  If it was any different, he couldn’t tell.  It had been so long.  The earpiece whispered something.  She pulled close to him and purred, “I think someone wants to tell you something.”

“I don’t care.”  He batted it across the floor, then ran the hand up her body.

His breath shallowed.  “I think,” he panted.  “I’ll owe you.  Full price.”  It had been too long.  Far too long.  So that took too short.  Far too short.  He panted from the exertion, and collapsed onto the pillow.

“Take a few minutes,” she said.  “I can be back if you want.”  She left him on the bed and crossed the room slowly.  He watched her go, and wanted to shake the hand of the man who built her.  She stepped into a closet and was gone.  He kept panting.  Good god.  It had been awhile.  But it hadn’t.  Been this long.

His earpiece.  Someone was saying something.  He got out of the bed.  Light headed.  He collapsed down to his knees and felt something crack.  Knee?  No.  Something that hurt.  He reached for the earpiece and put it in.  “…Building 23.  Alert all residents.  Message repeats, atmospheric leak in Building 23.  Alert all residents.  Message repeats…”


He slapped around for the tube.  Pulled up the breather.  Oh god.  His knee.  Something cracked.  He gasped at it.  Nothing came out.  One last hope.  He slapped the button on the side of the bed, the one with the pink heart on it.  The closet door opened and she came back out.  “Ready again so soon?”

“Air!”  Black specks danced around the edges of his vision.

“It’s alright, air is included in the price of admission.”

He tried to say it again.  Explain.  His body was shutting down.  Everything screamed.  Everything hurt.  He collapsed to the floor.

“Just gonna lie there?” she asked, climbing on him.  Any thoughts left his brain.  Any hopes.  “That’s alright, honey.  Just lie back and I’ll do all the work.  I promise.  You won’t notice the difference.”

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    #1 by Lesann on March 29, 2012 - 2:49 pm

    That was fun and horrible all at the same time!

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    #2 by Louise Sorensen on March 29, 2012 - 5:03 pm

    What a great story!
    Didn’t see that coming. Hitchcockian!
    Very well done and ready for publication!

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