State of the Writer: January 2012

2012 Goal: Query Nickajack.  Currently we’re working on the first draft of the novel.  Actually, it’s an odd amalgam sort of first-and-a-half draft, since I’m doing the rough draft and my wife is going behind with an editing pass.  The draft is at 35,000 words and has transitioned from the first act into the second right on schedule.  We’re working on a strategy we picked up online to think about the second act as three acts itself, as it often tends to be the longest act and can lack structure.  Some outlining this morning has taken us nearly to the first sub-act break, and we have a broad notion of the path from point A to point B.

On the research front, I’ve been looking for a book about life in and around the Civil War, basically a book about every aspect of the Civil War except the Civil War.  Found this at Barnes and Noble yesterday, recently republished from a 1999 original.  It’s a little dry, it’s written for research rather than narrative, but there’s a lot of good information.  I’ve already pulled some factoids out of it for use in Nickajack, nothing that will change the plot of the book, but that will add some good flavor.

Though not nearly as literal of flavor as the other book I’ve grabbed.  Oh yes, there will be some 1860s food porn in this novel.

In other writing…there isn’t much other writing right now.  I did get news from one of my upcoming anthologies between drafting and publishing this post which makes it sound just a little more promising that it might see traditional print publication and decent distribution.  I’m not going to give too many details, cause I don’t want to tell stories out of school.

State of the Blog.  It was a down month in December compared to November, but largely because I didn’t have as much traffic drawn in from the Scrivener files.  It still smoked October, and I’m quite happy with 2011 viewership in total.  To end the year I got visits from all 50 states and DC, and 64 countries.  I’m hoping for 10,000 visits this coming year, and at least 70 countries.  That’s more than double the visits from this year, but 2011 started slow.  That’s not too much higher a daily pace than I had in December, and lower than November.

Looking to January.  Finishing the first draft is probably unachievable this month, but I’m hoping to at least double the length of the manuscript, setting up for a finished draft at some point in February.  Novel writing is a slower process, less to really talk about on a month-to-month basis.  But I like that.

So that’s it, really.  Less to report this month than usual, but I don’t want to get away from the monthly reporting.  It keeps me honest, and it keeps me moving forward.  And, unlike other posts, I do know people who will give me crap if these State of the Writer updates go away.  So go forth into the new year, as the days get longer by the weather gets colder.  Tomorrow, a post based on doing some gun shopping for my main character.

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