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Flashathon Thank Yous

This should be the last flashathon post for a while, I promise.  But I do owe some public thank yous to the people who made the event what it was.

First, to those who provided guest inspiration, thanks hardly seems sufficient.  I’ll be sending out personal thank yous to each of the writers and editors who gave a few moments of their time during Capclave and elsewhere to provide some inspiration for our hourly endeavors, but they deserve some public thanks as well.  The wide variety of prompts was a huge part of the success of the event.  That so many people gave even a few moments of their time to help someone they didn’t know run a first-time event blew me away.  It’s what I was talking about before the event when I mentioned the community of writers that exists out there.  So, hour by hour, those who helped out and have my thanks:

Two hours I’ve left missing were for members of the CVS writing community who helped make the event what it was.  Hour seven belonged to Jennifer Brinn.  I’ve mentioned before she was behind securing eight of those nine guest inspiration prompts, so if the prompts made the events and she made the prompts happen, by transitive principle she made the event what it was.  Hour twelve belonged to Day Al-Mohamed, one of the editors of the upcoming Trust and Treachery anthology.  She was the one that pushed me to take what was really a throw-away tweet and turn it into an actual event, let me talk up the event constantly over on her own blog, and spread word of the event to several other sites around the internet.

Lastly, one person who I haven’t mentioned in previous posts, and that’s unforgivable.  All the graphics for flashathon, including the banner at the top, the little square ads I’ve been running in posts, and the UFO, gun, and pterodactyl pictures that showed up in the posts were courtesy of my fantastic wife, Blythe Marshall.  She is a professional graphic designer who is willing to pick up the occasional bits of freelance work, so if you liked what you saw in the graphics, you can ping me and I’ll put you in touch with her to discuss what she can do for you and her rates.

So this is my public thank you to everyone who helped out and made Flashathon what it was.  Now I’ll stop talking about it and get this blog back to normal for a few months before ramping up for next year’s event, likely on October 20, 2012.

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