Flashathon Hour 1 Prompt: From DL Thurston

Aaaaaaaaand GO!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re seeing this post, it means Flashathon has begun!  I’ll be here for the next twelve hours, as will the other members of the Cat Vacuuming Society taking part.  Join us for as much or as little of the madness as you’d like.

Since I’m in charge around here, I thought I’d take responsibility for the first hour’s inspiration.  Since we’re warming up, I’m going to keep it easy.  Trust me, I’ve seen all the prompts (the benefit of running the event) and there are some fantastically complex ones on tap.  For this first hour, let’s just start with:

In the beginning…

There it is.  Use it, don’t use it, have fun with it, and let us know in the comments what you’ve done.  If you’d like to post your stories, you can, but if you’d prefer not, at least mention what you worked on.  Next prompt coming up at 1pm Eastern.


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    #1 by DLThurston on October 22, 2011 - 12:12 pm

    In the beginning the void swarmed with darkness. In that place there was nothing, no stars, no planets. And then, there was Doug.

    Doug looked around and saw the nothingness staring back at him, offering him no warmth, no light, nothing but a questionable existence within an unknown space. Through this he floated, pondering the nature of self, starting with “I am Doug, Doug is I,” the nature of existence, “I Doug, therefore I am,” and even working through some of the more ontological expressions of existentialism, “am I Doug?”

    In this way the first few centuries flowed past him. It was only when he finally came across the concept of “why is there not another Doug” that he invented loneliness. He felt a need to find other creatures, other Dougs. He looked through the firmament, at the stars that winked one by one into existence, but wherever he went there was only the cold of space and the hot of fusing hydrogen.

    And so he brought matter together, he formed it into the shape he imagined of himself. Dougform he dubbed it. But it would not talk to him. He was certain he’d now invented the concept of arrogance, this Dougform clearly felt it was too good to converse with its creator. He dashed it across the universe, where the Dougform burned in suns, blazed as comets, and rained down on dead rocks of worlds.

    Doug was again alone. He invented sport. He experimented with the concept of fun. He toyed around with whether there needed to be an emotion he took to calling Dougishness, describing the utter and lonely futility of being the lone thing in an uncaring universe. It was then he heard voices. Hundreds of them. Millions. Coming from all directions. He went to where they were, and found a rock spinning around a star. He could feel the matter of the Dougform that came to this world. Know that was what drew up these creatures that now could dance, and sing, and sport, and experience their own ontological existentialism.

    Doug rejoiced in them, and went down onto their planet to walk among them. Doug did not know, Doug did not care, that his form and theirs were incompatible. Such was his joy. And such was his horror when he realized he’d destroyed them all, trampled them underfoot, scattered them and left himself alone again.

    Yes, Doug realized.

    Yes the universe did need Dougishness.

    And so Doug persisted, alone, waiting for the next voices.

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    #2 by N.R. Brown on October 22, 2011 - 12:27 pm

    The outline for chapter one and two of the NANO Novel is done!

    BRING IT, FLASHATHON! Show me what you’ve got, cuz I can take it! :)

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    #3 by Blythe on October 22, 2011 - 12:40 pm

    All set with the basic elements of a short story called “Renovation Creep”.

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    #4 by Day Al-Mohamed on October 22, 2011 - 1:03 pm

    Story removed per author’s request.

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    #5 by Jennifer Brinn on October 22, 2011 - 1:04 pm

    I managed to do the first hour, despite a parade blocking my driving route.

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