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Flashathon Guest Inspiration Announcement

Leading up to this post I’ve mentioned Jennifer Brinn several times as the “con networking ninja.”  I say that in part because she and I are the exact opposite at cons, she becomes a complete extrovert, I tend to become a complete introvert.  The “ninja” is because I would be sitting in a panel and suddenly she would come up and say “I’ve got someone else willing to give guest inspiration.”  How she does this?  I’m slowly learning.  For that reason, it wouldn’t be fair to her to announce these names without pointing out that she did absolutely all the leg work.  So a massive round of applause to her.

I can currently confirm four names who have already provided their guest inspiration for Saturday’s event.   For the purpose of this announcement I have shamelessly grabbed the Capclave bio for each.

Bud Sparhawk: Bud Sparhawk is a hard science fiction short story writer who started writing in 1975 with three sales to ANALOG. Since returning to writing his works have appeared in ANALOG, Asimovs, several anthologies as well as in other print media and on-line magazines both in the United States and Europe. He has two short story collections and one novel. He has been a three-time Nebula finalist. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland and is a frequent sailor on the Chesapeake Bay. A complete biography, lists of stories, copies of articles, and other material can be found at his web site.

Jean Marie Ward: Jean Marie Ward writes fiction, nonfiction and everything in between. Her first novel, With Nine You Get Vanyr (written with the late Teri Smith), finaled in two categories of the 2008 Indie Book Awards. Her short stories appear in numerous anthologies, including The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, coming from DAW Tekno Books in March 2012. She is also known for her art books, such as the popular Fantasy Art Templates. She edited the web magazine Crescent Blues for eight years and now writes for other online venues, including Buzzy Multimedia. Her web site is

Scott Andrews: Scott’s literary short fiction has won a $1000 prize from the Briar Cliff Review, and his genre short fiction has appeared in venues including Weird Tales, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, and Space and Time and is forthcoming in On Spec. He is a college chemistry lecturer and Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the pro-rate fantasy e-zine Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which Rich Horton calls “a really important source of fantasy.” Scott lives in Virginia with his wife, two cats, nine guitars, a dozen overflowing bookcases, and hundreds of beer bottles from all over the world.

A. C. Crispin: A. C. Crispin is the author of bestselling Star Wars novels and Star Trek novels, but her most famous genre work was the 1984 novelization of the television miniseries V. Crispin and noted fantasy author Andre Norton wrote two Witch World novels together. A.C. Crispin has been active in SFWA since soon after joining the organization in 1983. She and Victoria Strauss created SFWA’s “scam watchdog” committee, Writer Beware, in 1998. Crispin still serves as the Chair. Writer Beware warns aspiring writers about the numerous scam agents and publishers that infest the Internet these days. Crispin and Strauss have assisted law enforcement in bringing several infamous con artists to justice. Before submitting your work, visit Writer Beware. A.C. Crispin’s new book is the prequel to the mega-popular Pirates of the Caribbean films. Pirates of the Caribbean: Price of Freedom, and chronicles how Disney’s infamous film pirate first became a pirate captain. Her major science fiction undertaking is the StarBridge series, which will be reissued in omnibus editions from Meisha Merlin in 2007. Crispin’s newest work is an original fantasy trilogy for Harper/Eos, The Exiles of Boq’urain. Book one, Storms of Destiny, was released August 2005, and she is hard at work on Book 2, Winds of Vengeance. Book 3, Flames of Chaos, will be her next project. She currently teaches writing workshops at Anne Arundel Community College and Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

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