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Memory Eater!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that a short listed story was picked up for an anthology.  I’ve now gotten a green light to reveal more details.

The anthology is called The Memory Eater.  I can’t give any kind of release date information as the editor is still shopping the anthology to several publishers.  Though I’m sure he wouldn’t say so himself, the anthology reminds me very much of the Death Machine anthologies, in that it starts with a piece of magic tech and asks all stories to branch off from there, exploring either direct or indirect consequences.  Each story will be accompanied by a piece of original art, again keeping with the Death Machine similarities, and the full slate of selected artists can be found here.  I have some favorites, but just the fact that my story will get an illustration excites the hell out of me.

The prompt:

“Have a cheating ex you can’t stop thinking about?  How about a past failure which now defines you?  Do you wish you could forget about the time you walked in on your parents making your brother or sister?

“Yes?  Well then today’s your lucky day.  Introducing the brand new Memory Eater—an orb-like device that fits neatly around your head like a diver’s helmet with the ability to locate and destroy any memory in the human mind.

“Victims of rape no longer need to fear dating.  Drunk drivers don’t have to regret getting back on the road.  And for those who have lost loved ones, you no longer need to mourn.

“Today is a new day.  Today is your day.  Start it off by deleting the past so you can save your future.”

My story is called Home Again.

We’re just starting down the road towards publication, so it may be a few weeks or months until I can give any more details.  Right now all authors have been asked for a manuscript formatted version of their stories so the editing process can begin.  Needless to say, I’m damn excited about this anthology, I love the theme, and I love the enthusiasm that the editor is putting into it.

Details as they develop!

Edit:  I don’t have a full list of my fellow writers yet, but I’ve been able to track down two by tweeting back and forth with them after we got the green light to go public.  I’ll be maintaining a Twitter list as I find people.


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