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Acceptable uses for $49.

  • 98 tries at that Angry Bird in the claw machine.
  • Nearly year supply of McChicken sandwiches.
  • 196 consecutive plays of Inna Godda Da Vida on the juke box
  • 490 Atomic Fireballs
  • Short fire to thaw your fingers on a cold night trapped outside and alone
  • 24 bottles of Two Buck Chuck…with change back!
  • 2GB iPod shuffle
  • Nearly 38 songs from the iTunes store
  • Cashed out in pennies and used as a 27 pound dumbbell
  • Cashed out in nickles and stacked to 6’3″ to prove that’s how tall I am
  • Cashed out in dollar coins to…really annoy the bank

Unacceptable uses for $49

  • Paying someone to stalk a world renowned author under the auspices that she’ll actually read your book and give you commentary on it.

I suppose what depresses me more about things like that is not that someone offered the “service” it’s that anyone might have actually paid for it.  Be smart, there’s a lot of companies out there that are more than happy to separate you from your money while selling you dreams, and that doesn’t just mean in the vanity publishing world.

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