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New #flashathon Information

It’s been two weeks since the initial announcement of #flashathon, and last night was the first chance I could get together with my co-conspirators to work on the plan.  Then things exploded, and I’m still trying to sort it all out.  Basically I’ve come up with an idea that several people see a lot of potential in and are going to try to make as successful as possible.

It’s exciting and intimidating at the same time.

So the new details.  We’re going to officially break down the levels of participation into three badges:

  • 2-5 hours: Barefoot
  • 6-11 hours: Topless
  • 12 hours: Full Monty

Yes, we’re going full steam ahead with the dual meanings of “flash”.    We may also give out additionally badges throughout the following two weeks, as we all have time to sleep, take deep breaths, and actually read those stories that are posted.  We’re not sure exactly what those badges will be.  Some we’ll make public, if people want to try for them.  Some we might keep secret, or even make up on the fly.  Because it’s working for everything else so far.

Through some string pulling and massaging of networks we’re also going to see how many “guest cues” we can get through the course of the event, people other than myself who will offer up an inspiring couple of sentences and the word for that hour.  This is the part that intimidates me, but I’ve got a short list of people and am leaving the bulk of this to those with far better networking skills than I.  Hopefully I’ll have some names to announce in September.

We’re deciding how best to host the event.  My plan was through a series of posts on this blog, which should be able to handle a traffic spike of the type I’m expecting.  Unleaded will be the emergency fallback site.  I’ll make sure all posts are tagged to the Flashathon category (and keep that as clean as possible of other posts) and will keep updating the tab at the top.  Today’s update will include some disclaimers.

Date and time still hold.  October 22, Noon-Midnight eastern time.  I’m hoping to get a fun crowd of people!  C’mon and join us!

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