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Capsule: Hotel Robot

Oh man.  Oh man, oh man, oh man.  Sorry, this has me just a little bit creeped out, and anyone who has been beta reading Capsule might understanding.

A new hotel in New York City has a robot arm, looking quite a bit like one you would see assembling cars, working as an employee.  It’s job?  Holding onto the luggage of guests who have either shown up before check-in time, or need a place to stow their bags between checking out and actually leaving town.  It costs what I would normally tip for this service, maybe even a little less, and for that it will pull a box off a shelf, remember which one your luggage is in, and retrieve it for you when you want it back.

First they’ll use robots to put our luggage in the right place, then they’ll use them to put us in the right place.


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