Eat this: Membrillo and Manchego

Membrillo is a Spanish confection, popular in much of western Europe under various names.  It’s a thick gel made basically from equal parts of quince puree and sugar.  It’s sweet and tangy.  I’ve found it in the international sections of Shoppers Food Warehouses.

Manchego is a Spanish cheese that comes from, and is named after, La Mancha.  Yes, it is it Manchego the cheese of La Mancha.  It’s semi-soft, creamy, and just a fantastically delicious cheese.  I’ve found it in the cheese bars at Harris Teeter.

If you cut the manchego into triangles and the membrillo into small cubes, serve them on a toast point and they make a superb tapa.  Slice up the manchego and melt the membrillo into a spread with a little water and a lot of whisking, and they can be combined into a grilled cheese sandwich you would not believe.  They are so fantastic together, it more than makes up that I’ve never seen both in the same grocery store.

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