State of the Writer: March

Time again for my monthly look at where I stand, and where I’m going.  Really, this is a bit of recap since I already made a post declaring March as short story editing month.  February saw no news on submitted stories, nor any new stories submitted.  March should see two going out, one that needs and edit, and one that I’m frantically trying to finish for an April 1 deadline but haven’t yet finished the first draft.

Calendars can be scary things.

February was one of my more productive months in far too long.  I’ve always been a momentum writer and I lost a lot of that momentum for most of 2010.  I think this blog is helping me stage the comeback, because even though readership is light according to Google Analytics, it still forces me to look in a mirror occasionally and say “what are you doing if you want to keep calling yourself a writer?”

I was looking for a good anthology to be my next challenge, and can’t seem to find one that really calls to me.  Okay, that’s a lie, I found one that interested me, but I can’t get behind “exposure is your payment” type things.  Sorry, exposure doesn’t get me closer to SFWA membership.  And really, exposure-as-payment deals typically don’t have all that much of the former and thus lack even more in the latter.  So that’ll probably be even more incentive for March to be an editing month.

And who knows, maybe if I get both stories where I like them, even doing some Capsule work.

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    #1 by DayAlMohamed on March 1, 2011 - 8:43 pm

    Go! Go! Go! In my own review I have told Renee that March is “DL Thurston month.” :) Basically, my March is scheduled to be your February complete with my own variant of Fortnightcaps. Granted, I can’t FINISH every two weeks but my goal is to BEGIN every week. Which for me is really really hard. So by all means, keep the momentum going. Maybe my April will be your March…

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      #2 by DLThurston on March 1, 2011 - 10:18 pm

      I’ve been surprised by how much different the bi-weekly schedule has been versus my attempt at weekly stories. Of course, they’re also not all new stories, which makes for a huge difference in the amount of work I’m doing every other week on the project.

      But go you go! And if your April is my March, that puts pressure on me to figure out what the hell my April is going to be.

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